Puerto Padre is located on the east coast of the island of Cuba.












Below is a 2013 letter from from Cuba Yearly Meeting:

Dear Friends of Wilmington Yearly Meeting.

Receive our greetings and love in Jesus Christ. We are sending this letter from the Section of the Americas FWCC Annual Meeting. Many brothers and sisters share our joy because we have recovered the buildings/ruins of the former Quaker School, “Colegio Wilmington” in Puerto Padre, Cuba. We trust that God will help us in the reconstruction with the contribution of many Friends. Here, with the theme “Let the Living Waters flow”, we are rejoicing with the love of Friends from many countries and Yearly Meetings.

In Love and Peace,

Kenya Casanova Sales, Ramon Gonzalez Longoria Escalona and Yanet Velazquez Hernandez, Recording Clerk, Assistant Clerk and treasurer of Cuba Yearly Meeting

Below:  Iglesia de los AMIGOS cuaqueros  (Quaker Friends Church); the Wilmington School building is located on the other side of this building.