Quaker Knoll Camp Board Minutes, February 2017

Present were: Mike Miller:Clerk, Doug Haag: Exc. Sec., John Keller, John Walker, Larry Roddy, Dan Ridgeway, Bob Sargent, Harold Curry, Libbie Curry:Recorder

Mike opened the meeting with prayer and silence. The minutes were approved. The Treasurer reported a blance of $208.34 in the Operating fund. In the Capitol fund is $11,400.37. The Capital account is all donated money. Approved

John Keller presented a proposal to add five combo smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in the Quaker Knoll House - one in each bedroom, and one in the great room; all tied together so when one goes off, all would sound off. APPROVED John Keller will install and JOhn Walker will pay for the supplies--about $289.75. Richard Baker will donate and install 2 new hot water heaters in the bathhouse. Bob Sargent will get the ash tree in front of the lodge cut and he will pay the bill. We need to track board donations and enter them in to the operating expenses.

Quaker Leader Scholars will be using the Quaker Knoll house Sat. April 8 which is the same day as Camp Opening. Someone should contact Cahd Mason so he can have his court youth help clean up the camp and sweep out the cabins, etc. Doug is still working on the brochures for Quaker Knoll. 

Next meeting will be at Kelly Center at the College the second Wednesday of March.

Announcements: Clarence Pickett lecture at the Jones Meetinghouse February 22 at 6:30

                          Wym and WC Spring Banquet will be March 27 at 5:00 in Kelly Center

                          Mini YM will be held in Knoxville Maarch 3 & 4

                          Belize Work team will be gone March 13 - 20

Do Not call number for cell phones--888 382 1222

Libbie Curry Recording Clerk